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Wall Panels

Prefabricated wall panels reduce the chores of designing, cutting and building panels on-site, which is oftentimes done in tight spaces and in conditions that are less than optimal from a safety perspective. They tend to install much faster than conventionally framed walls. The result is a nice reduction in labor costs---and a reduction in the amount of time  that the interior of your project is exposed to the elements. Prefab panels also help to reduce job site waste and clutter by arriving in neatly organized stacks and in the time frame that you need them. The manufacturing of these panels in a controlled environment also allows work to be completed regardless of the weather outside so you can avoid looming project completion deadlines.

KA Components prefabricated wall panels are designed from bottom plate to top. This includes not only the correctly sized rough openings, but also the headers above them to carry roof and floor loads. Moreover, KA offers a vast array of options ranging from installation of green plates, non-standard wall heights, installed double-top plates, insulated corners and much more. Our panels can be ordered with a variety of sheathing options (interior and exterior), insulation choices, and vapor barrier options. And, if you want that perfect kitchen or bathroom install, KA offers panels constructed of EWP materials that have clean, square-cut edges for tight corners and absolutely no unsightly gaps.

For complete coverage of the benefits of structural components, please reference the following write-up constructed by SBCA and their findings when compairing structural components to conventional framing:  Framing the American Dream – by SBCA

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