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About KA

Who is KA?

KA Components manufactures and distributes purpose-built structural building components for Residential, Multi-family, Light Commercial, and Agricultural structures.  Our product line includes wood trusses, engineered wood products, pre-fabricated wall panels, and steel beams & columns - all sold exclusively through Lumber Dealers in Indiana, Illinois, and portions of Michigan & Ohio.  KA Components is committed to supplying premium quality products along with exemplary in-field service; a proven combination resulting in greater value to you and the structures we supply.

We’ve long held the belief that expertise, knowledge, service and integrity are cornerstones to success and we have built our company based upon these principles. We have a fundamentally different approach to supplying structural building components, focusing on creating solutions for retail lumberyards that solve difficult and complex construction issues. With the right products, the right team and the right services, a winning combination will be achieved.

We appreciate your interest in our organization and look forward to working with you.

Why you should choose us

KA Components believes in a wholesale-retail sales model and thus our sole Customer base consists of independent lumberyards and “big-box” chain-yards – aka “Dealers.” Our Sales philosophy is simple; be the recognized source for structural building components throughout our served market. A result of this ambition is we become the manufacturing arm of our Dealers. Our jobsite supplied solutions are based upon a sound understanding of enforced building codes, superior quality, and in-field service. These solutions are competitively priced with standard terms of 1% 10 days; Net 30.

Achieving our goal of being the recognized source for structural building components requires unwavering support of our Dealer network. At KA, this is achieved through our seasoned employee base, commitment to sustaining Outside and Inside Sales teams and continual education for our staff and Dealers.

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