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Engineered Wood

EWP, or Engineered Wood Products, are helping to revolutionize the construction industry.  Materials that are designed to be stronger, straighter, and better looking than conventional lumber are making construction projects run smoother---and with higher quality end results.  Add to this the fact that EWP products come in an amazing range of product lines and sizes to match specific usages, and choosing them for your next project becomes the proverbial, ‘no-brainer.’

KA Components designs and supplies Engineered Wood Products by Trus Joist, a Weyerhaeuser Company.  We offer a full suite of products for both floor and roof applications. 

  • TJI I-Joists in depths from 9-1/2” to 20” and the rim board to match. 
  • Three beam options including Microllam LVL, Timberstrand LSL, and Parallam PSL both standard and Parallam+ treated.
  • A Components also carries a complete line of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) beams in depths from 9-1/4” to 24” and widths from 1-1/2” to 7”. 

Job site packing and delivery

Need something more specific in terms of EWP?  Chances are that KA has it.  Please contact us and we’ll assist in discussing your project further

KA Components stocks and supplies the following Engineered Wood Products from TrusJoist

  • TJI® Joists

    The most often used, highest quality I-Joist available. More
  • TimberStrand® LSL

    Versatility you need in beams, headers, tall walls and more. More
  • Parallam® PSL

    Going to great lengths to support your best work. More
  • Microllam® LVL

    Proven stability while resisting warping, splitting and shrinking. More
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